Crypto Prices

Easy to use API to pull Cryptocurrency Coin prices.


Bitcoin price:

Ethereum price:

Binance Coin price:

Dogecoin price:

XRP price:

How to get Bitcoin price from Google Sheets


How to get Ethereum price from Microsoft Excel


How to get Bitcoin ATH price (Append /ATH/ to any URL)

How to get Bitcoin price in EUR/GBP/INR in Google Sheets


Demo / PoC Spreadsheet

You can see an example spreadsheet on my Medium blog post.

List of all tokens/pairs available.

Why use this service:

Simple API, easy to use.

No Parsing: all endpoints return only text (price of coin)

No limits: there's no usage limits

No sign ups: anonymous, no setup, no maintenance.

Why NOT use this service:

Data can be 30/60 min late if not more.

Only shows coin market price.

If this service doesn't satisfy your requirments, go straight to the source CoinGecko API.